Zeus's Siblings

 Zeus had some brothers by the names of Hades and Poseidon. His sister's names were  Demeter, Hestia, and Hera. All of the children except for Zeus were orinigally swallowed by their father,Cronus. Their mother, Rhea,was not happy about this. She hid Zeus from his father so he wouldn't also get eaten by Cronus. Eventually, Zeus had made his father throw up his brothers. His brothers and sisters were also very strong gods and goddesses. They overthrew the Titans. Then, they each were a god or goddess of the world, now. They have ruled the world ever since. They are a very strong group of brothers and sisters. They are also very trusting in each other. Because of this, they are great siblings. They have their fights, but they always stick together. They are really some great siblings and even better gods and hereos.


Zeushad many kids. Not all of them were Gods and Goddesses though. I dont have enough room left on the page to list them all. He had many many children. They were both boy and girls. He also had many wifes. Less than he had children but they still were of plenty